Welcome to Dr Anoop Chaudhary

Dr Anoop Choudhary is a homeopath, an integrative homeopathic healthcare consultant, and an educator. He began his exploration of homeopathic medicine while studying homeopathy at Hahnemann Homeopathic Medical College, India in the nineties. Then, after graduation from college, he focused exclusively on constitutional homeopathic medicine when studies revealed that its success in curing disease by stimulating the body's natural healing mechanism.Constitutional homeopathic medicine brings broader gains for the patient including non-toxic & no side effects, improved immune profile and root cause permanent cure with no suppression of the disease.

Dr. Choudhary completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in pediatrics from Maharashtra University of Health Science, India and simultaneously went to train homeopathic medical students at the prestigious SK Homeopathy Medical College in India during these years. He also traveled abroad to study & consult with homeopaths from diverse backgrounds, including in USA, Greece, Mexico and Netherlands. In addition to his private homeopathic practice where he treats men and women of all ages for physical and emotional complaints, Dr. Choudhary developed the special courses & lectures in homeopathy for the final year students of BHMS degree at Hahnemann Homeopathic Medical College, India. He also served as assistant professor and a member of the core faculty of the Hahnemann Homeopathic Medical College, India.

Dr. Choudhary is working with Matt Hankins L.A.C. HMA to set up a homeopathic Acute Care Clinic in Phoenix Arizona. Where they will be starting a Doctorate Program in Homeopathy in Phoenix Arizona in June, 2011 and will need to have the acute care clinic up to support the doctorate program. An expert in constitutional homeopathic medicine, Dr. Choudhary has taught at medical centers in India and abroad. He devoted to underserved populations and volunteered as an advisor to the several institutions in India & abroad. More recently, Dr Choudhary has offered workshops at several places in New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Houston on constitutional homeopathic medicine into treatment plans to improve outcomes for a wide range of complaints. His sessions for people with breast cancer, menopausal complaints, chronic headaches, anxiety and depression are some of the most popular. His treatment on ADHD, diabetes, thyroid, obesity, gastric, ulcers, hair fall, acne, autism, and asthma are favored among patients.

Dr Choudhary is frequently quoted as an expert in local and national news media outlets and has been interviewed by TV media. He has also spoken at a wide variety of professional gatherings. His lectures highlight the philosophy of homeopathy and its connection with the natural world and have been used in universities throughout India & America to teach the importance of the natural, holistic approach. CLINIC IS LOCATED MALVIYA NAGAR ,NEW MARKET BHOPAL